The Joys of Com Headache


Once again… housetohalf is the greatest.

Calling all actors


Living near to the carrollton tx area please I really need actors soon.

Unveiling a Beautiful Set for the First Time


Ewww anon hate is honestly so pathetic. I'm ashamed of any theatre person who is willing to randomly and unconstructively shit on someone else's work without even the decency of owning their hurtful words by revealing their url. SO I decided to give you some anon love instead: I think this blog is super cool and funny! Your posts are always. on. point. Keep being awesome!

Hey! Thanks Anon :)

Peace, Love, Theatre,

Catwalks :)




Your blog sucks and you don't know anything about theatre. Do us all a favor and go fuck yourself and your blog. Have a nice day.
"I believe in absolute freedom of expression. Everyone has a right to offend and be offended." -Taslima Nasrin

Hi Anon,
You have a right to your opinion, America is a free country after all.
 Unfortunately, I cannot please everyone, so my blog may leave a few people disgruntled or disinterested. Feel free to unfollow me if that is the case.
As for going and fucking myself; female masturbation is a wonderful thing, so thanks for the advice. As for going and fucking my blog, I am concerned that you want me to have sex with my computer. I feel like that would be very messy.
Words can never be taken back after they’ve been said, so please keep that in mind when dealing with the rest of your life.  I will forgive you for the rude comments, but the people of the ‘real’ world might not.
Have a good afternoon.
Peace, Love, Theatre,

I'm props head at my highschool. Do you have any ideas how to make fake peanuts? We need a bowl of peanuts but we are worried one of the actors will be allergic.

Hey Roomnumber156!

If they need to be eaten, you could use the cereal called ‘Pops.’ If those are too yellow than you can use penguin puffs (See link):

There will be several more cereal types that could work as peanuts.

If you don’t want them to crunch than you let them get a touch soft by leaving the box open overnight.

Also, ask the actor what they are not allergic to. There are many types of nut, and they may not be allergic to all of them.

If they are just to be seen and not eaten, get beige sculpt (or color model magic with a marker) and form little peanuts out of that.

Break a leg :)


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Hey! I checked it out :) Very nice, everyone take a look at this Blog!


Theatre pick up lines From my brother: I'm not a prop, I'm a toy. Play with me. Myself: Baby, could you hold me? I'm about to go on stage and I could really use a warm-up.


Calling a show is an art. If someone tells you otherwise, slap them in the face.

Ken Davis, Production Stage Manager of The Lion King (US tour)

So this was said…

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in the honor of Evita’s 35th anniversary, here are some great photographs.


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The 5 Stages of Tech Week Sleep deprivation

1. Tiredness. Must…have…nap…

2. Hysterical Giggling.

3. Can’t. Stop. Crying.

4. Energetic Delirium

5. Utter Exhaustion. Excuse me while while I… just-

When an Actor Disrespects a Costumer: